Small wins to grow your startup

A list of random actionable things anyone can do to help grow their startup

  • rewrite your signup welcome email
  • add 3 extra customer testimonials (if you don’t have them, email some customers)
  • write a small blog post about a feature (doesn’t have to be a new feature)
  • email 5 customers and just ask how they are doing and if you can help with anything
  • raise your pricing by 10%
  • ask 1 employee this week how they’re doing
  • make a showcase page with many app screenshots
  • ask your cofounder how they’re feeling
  • create a simple walkthrough video of your app
  • select 10 previous customer support tickets and follow up to see if they figured it out or still need help

By Joshua Schoenaker

I’m a designer and entrepreneur. Currently working on — Chat API with pre-built UI and notifications included.